Building glass meshes are designated both for inside and outside works: for reinforcement of plaster and as a reinforcing material in systems with thermal insulation of filler structures of buildings and facilities; for stuffing of cracks, joints on the ceilings, walls while conducting of repairing works; for sealing of plaster slab joints, as well as other sheet materials in inside finishing of buildings. 

We also offer glass meshes of non-building application, designated for reinforcing of cutting wheels, production of glass magnesium sheets, anti-mosquito glass mesh.


The term "gabion" comes from the Italian word "gabbione" meaning "large cage". These constructions are filled with natural stones or glass. Their shell is a double-twist mesh. 


• Constructions made of gabions fastened together are used to reinforce slopes, soils, banks, cliffs. 

• Gabions are used in transport construction on embankment slopes, as well as in the construction of artificial constructions - bridges and tunnels. 

• Gabions are often used to construct fences, decorative walls, swimming pools or ponds. 

• Gabion constructions are widely used in landscape design: they are used for making flower beds, gazebos, outdoor furniture, barbecues and and other decorative and functional elements.


For thermal insulation works a number of special non-woven E-glass materials are produced. The materials can be used both in southern regions and in the regions of far north, because their operating range of temperatures (without loss of the main characteristics) is from — 800С up to +3500С. Non-woven materials are a scrim made of chaotically located fibers, bonded by multiple needle piercing or sewn by glass yarn. 

Needle pierced materials are applied practically in all the branches of national economy. The main direction of their usage — as insulation of gas ovens, steam boilers, turbines, supply lines, pipe work — where changing of temperature conditions is not allowed, where heat should be controlled and maintained, where usage of binding resins is not allowed, as well as superb noise insulation. 


Rolled glass plastics are used as a covering layer in thermal insulation of pipes and equipment.

An innovation in the material of glass. Glass fibers are now mixed with polyester resin to form glass reinforced plastic (GRP), the new material for transparent roofs. GRP is similar in appearance to glass, but is an amazingly versatile material. It is available with a UV stabilized layer covered over it that provides UV protection. Moreover, it is also available in various colours, and is comparatively translucent and opaque as compared to glass.

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