The given glass fabrics are designated as a base for manufacturing of rolled hard faced roofing materials used for production of new built-up roofing and repair of old roofing of any configuration, as well as waterproofing of concrete tanks, hydraulic channels, bridges, foundations and underground structures in a wide range of temperatures and different environmental conditions. Usage of texturized roving in weft increases adhesion of bitumen-polymer binding to glass fabric. 

There is a possibility to produce the material with cut selvage as well as the fabrics with hydrophobic impregnation. 


Glass fabrics are used in production of foiled laminates from which one side, two sides and multilayer printed circuit boards are produced. Thanks to the unique properties of electric insulation glass fabrics the materials on their basis have high mechanical and electric insulation properties, are easily subjected to mechanical treatment by cutting, drilling and impact molding. 

Electric insulation glass fabrics are also designated for production of non-foiled dielectrics. High mechanical density and electrical stability allows to make mechanical processing of the material and use it for construction parts of electrical equipment. Glass reinforced plastic articles on the basis of electric insulation materials in electric insulation and mechanical properties exceed all the materials from organic fibers, can operate in conditions of high moisture, high temperature — up to 3500⁰С.


Fine electric insulation glass fabrics are used for production of varnished glass fabrics, micanites, micaceous laminates and other micalike materials and flexible insulation. Materials on the basis of fine electric insulation glass fabrics are a laminated electric insulation material manufactured by the method of mechanical gluing of mica with glyptal, silicon-organic, oil-bitumen gluing varnish with further hot premoulding and have superb electric insulation properties, which have found wide application as an electric insulation material in electrical machinery, units of equipment and in power engineering in general.


Silica materials are a superb high temperature insulation and can be used for a long time without changing of properties at the temperature higher than 10000⁰С (material Puresil up to 12000⁰С) and for a short period of time at higher temperatures. 

Articles made of silica glass are extremely inert to the majority of chemical reagents, resistant to organic and mineral acids of any concentration even at high temperatures (except of hydrofluoric, phosphoric and hydrochloric acid) and weak alkalis, molten metals (except of Mg, Na, Si) and alloys. They have high chemical resistance to water and high pressure steam, are capable to absorb moisture, but are not split in the presence of water, are stable in vacuum. 

The materials are used as replacement of asbestos in different branches of industry: oil-refining, aerospace industry, in metallurgy and shipbuilding, atomic power engineering.

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